BD Distributing, Inc.
Penn Fan Company
Type M - Man Cooling Fans
process cooling for both open work
Type M units provide man cooling and
areas and selective spot cooling.  Its
rugged construction equals that of a
permanent fan, yet it can easily be
positioned and adjusted for directional
Type D - Drum Style Fans
Type D Units offer the same wide range of cooling
and ventilation applications as the popular type M,
but with the added feature of greater air direction.
This helps condition difficult to reach areas and
provides even greater spot cooling of equipment
and processing operations
Type C - Crane Cab Fans
Type C fans are ideal for cooling crane cabs,
control booths, or any confined area.  Wall or
ceiling mounted in any position, they save space
and provide pin-point cooling
Type EX - Exhaust Fans
Type EX units are available in all sizes for all
ventilation requirements.  They are specially
designed for maximum efficiency and quiet
Commercial Fans
With 7 different models to choose from, our new commercial line provides
economical spot cooling with high velocity air movement where it is needed instantly
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